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Rewording Tool is an AI reworder that helps students & writers to reword sentences, paragraphs, essays, and assignments to express words on their own.

How to use Rewording Tool?


  1. Type or paste your text in the input box.
  2. Select the required mode for rewording.
  3. Click on the "Reword Now" button.
  4. Copy or download reworded text from the output box.

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Rewording Features


Intelligent AI Working

Rewording tool helps to reword your content without ruining the original meaning and context. It rewords sentences and entire articles by using state-of-the-art AI technology. The final result will be completely unique, readable, and engaging.


Multiple Uploading Options

To start rewording, you can simply paste your content directly into the input box or you can also upload a file from your system’s storage. Our AI reworder supports commonly used file types including .txt, .doc, .docx, and .pdf.


Word Limit

With our reword generator, you can enter up to 1,000 words in a single go. You can reword your content without breaking it up into parts. This text reworder will change the entire article or blog.

Why Our Reword Generator?


How Does This Rewording Tool Work?

Our rewording tool uses an AI-based algorithm to understand the given content and reword it according to the main context and meaning. This reword generator uses the technique of synonymization to replace certain words with relevant synonyms so that the text looks different from the original. This word changer is excellent because it can remove plagiarism (that you can ensure by our plagiarism checker), make your text more engaging, and rewrite multiple copies of the same text.

Reworder Helps You To Write Unique Content

Rewording tool provides a free reworder that helps you to reword sentences and paragraphs by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to write in a smart way. The rewording generator will reword this by replacing original (plagiarized) words and phrases with new ones. As a result of these changes and replacements, you will get unique content in the output section.

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Who Can Use Our Rewording Tool?

Anyone who is looking to reword their content to make it unique, fluent, and effective can use our reword generator. Especially the below-given people.



Students are always required to make their academic assignments free of plagiarism. Since studying online material is necessary to make high-quality assignments, students can use our rewording generator to reword sentences in the original content to make it plagiarism-free.


Digital Marketing Experts

The Rewording tool can help Digital Marketing Experts write effective content that has a strong impact on the audience. This re-word generator tool alters the written content by giving it a professional tone. This tone helps build authority which is a beneficial factor for digital marketing.


Copy Writers

A good copy includes a natural yet persuasive tone to persuade the audience to make purchases. Our Rewording Tool’s creative and intelligent modes can help copywriters attain this tone. The reworder generator tool analyzes the content and switches weak words with synonyms that have a more persuasive nature.



Bloggers have to write blogs in easy wording so that their readers can easily understand their point of view. Our reworder tool can help bloggers do it. The tool switches difficult words with simple synonyms that readers can understand more easily. This enhances the blog’s readability by making it more engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our rewording tool is one of the best AI reworder. It uses advanced AI algorithms to change the original words and phrases of your content.

We do not store any of your information or data in our servers. It’s 100% secure.

There are many benefits in rewording text. It can help you:

  • Improve the content’s clarity by using the right words and arranging the sentences properly
  • Avoid plagiarism by giving your content a unique and original look
  • Reduce the redundancy and repetition in the content by introducing new words and phrases into it

The following is an example of a rewording sentence:

“There was a commotion inside the building”
“There was a noise in the building’s interior.”

This is a good example since the sentence is reworded but the meaning is the same.

Surely, you can reword a sentence online by utilizing Rewording Tool to avoid dulpication. Our AI reworder will reword it, by using new words or phrases. As a result, it will give your sentence a new and improved form.

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