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Our Blurb Generator is an online tool that uses advanced AI models to help you quickly generate a short and compelling blurb. It writes book blurbs according to the name and description.

How to Use Our Book Blurb Generator?

To generate a blurb for your book with our AI blurb generator, follow these simple:


Enter the title or name of your book in the “Book Name” section of our blurb maker.


Input a short description of your book in the “Short Description” box.


To start the blurb generator, click the “Generate” button of the tool.


Our blurb writer will take a few seconds to generate a clear book blurb.


You can “Copy” your book’s blurb or “Download” it and use it anywhere.

Features of Our Book Blurb Generator AI

Here are some of the main features of the book blurb generator:

AI-Based Blurb Generation

The book blurb generator uses advanced AI and language models to understand your book name and description and generate a compelling blurb.

Professional Blurbs

The blurb maker is efficient in generating professional blurbs for books that are unique, engaging, and well-written. So, you can use them in book summaries and promotional campaigns.

Fast and Time Savvy

With our fast blurb AI generator, you can quickly generate a blurb for any type of book within a matter of seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our book blurb generator tool is an effective to create a blurb for your book. All you need to do is input your book’s name and description into the blurb maker and run it. The tool will instantly create a blurb for your book.

The format for blurb writing includes keeping it concise, using brief sentences, explaining only key details and compelling to read words.

There are no solid rules about the length of a book blurb. In general, a blurb length should be between 100 and 200 words. However, some book blurbs are as short as 50 words.

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