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The Summarizer is an AI-based tool that is used to summarize or condense long-form content pieces within a matter of seconds. It is capable of summarizing every content whether it is an article, essay, blog, or any other form of content

To generate summaries, the summary generator uses advanced algorithms to analyze all the central points of a given text and create summaries around them. With our tool, you can generate free summaries without any limit.

How to Use the Summarizer?

The summarize generator comes with a user-friendly interface. You need just to follow the below simple steps for writing summaries:

Provide Your Text

First, you need to provide the content you want to summarize. For this, you can either upload it or paste it directly into the text summarizer

Adjust the Settings

Now, adjust the summary length and mode according to your preferences

Run the Summarizer

Then, press the “Summarizer Now” button, and you will get your summary within a few seconds

Get the Output

To get the output or summary, you can either click the “Download” option or “Copy to Clipboard”

Key Features of Our Text Summarizer

Below are the amazing features offered by our summarizer that make it a unique solution

Accurate Summaries

Our text summarizer is designed with the help of advanced AI algorithms. They make our tool to accurately understand the intent or context of your content and write summaries according to the original context

Length Slide for Summary

The summarizer provides an option to manually adjust the summary length. For this, the tool provides a “Scroll Bar” using which, you can easily specify the percentage for summary and the text summarize tool will provide you with results accordingly

Adds Bullets Points

Our summary generator is capable of writing summaries in bullet points. To add bullets in a summary, you just need to click the “Bullets Points” button that is provided in the output section. So, here, you are not limited to paragraphs but can add bullet points in the summaries with the help of our AI summarizer generator

Extract the Best Line

Our tool is capable of telling you what is the best line in your content. To know the best sentence or line of your content, you can press the “Best Line” option from the output section of the AI summarizer. Our tool will give you the best line that has the peak score according to the tool’s algorithms

Unique Summaries

The summarize tool always writes unique summaries that are free of plagiarism. You can ensure its uniqueness with the help of a plagiarism checker. After that, you can use summaries anywhere as your property

Multiple Modes

This summary generator comes up with two different modes for summarization. One is “Summarizer” which is free to access. Another mode is the “AI Summarizer”. The latter mode is the premium one as it uses the most advanced AI algorithms for summarization

Multiple Output Options

The summarize generator AI tool provides two different options to get your summaries from the output box. One option is to directly download the summary or Copy it to Clipboard. Similarly, the tool provides multiple options to input your content

Why to Use Our Summarizer?

Below are the factors of our summarize tool that make it a prominent and effective tool for summarization:

  • Accurate Results: Writes precise summaries that do not skip any key point.
  • No Registration: Does not require any kind of registration or signup.
  • Speed: Super fast to generate summaries within no time.
  • No Charges: It is 100% free to use the summarize generator.
  • Customizable: The summarizer can write summaries of customized length.
  • Perfectly Secured: Do not store any data or history to ensure 100% data safety.
🤖 AI-powered Accurate Summaries
⚡ Super Fast Quickly extracts Central Points
➡️ Multiple Outputs Bullet Points & Paragraph
❌ No Charges 100% free to Use
♻️ Multiple Modes Summarizer & AI Summarizer
↔️ Slide Bar Customized Summary length

How Does Our Summarizer Work?

Our AI summary generator is trained by advanced artificial intelligence. It firstly uses “Natural language Processing” technology to understand the actual intent as well as the most important points of a provided input.

After that, the summarize text tool brings “Machine Learning” into play to condense or summarize the input content into a summary in which the original context remains unchanged. The AI summary generator uses advanced-level AI for its work. So, all the summaries generated by the tool are always precise and coherent.

Who Can Use Our Text Summarizing Tool?

Our summary generator is useful for a wide range of people. In the below sections, we listed the most prominent users of our text summarizer


Writers can utilize our AI summarizer to accurately write conclusions or introductions of their blog posts, or articles within no time. All they need to do is paste their original content into the tool, adjust the length and run the tool. The tool will immediately write an overview of the content that they can use as a conclusion or introduction.


Our Summarizer is a helpful solution for students to write abstracts or conclusions of their assignments. Moreover, we offer a thesis statement generator, a separate tool especially used for generating unique, analytical, as well as descriptive thesis statements.


Researchers can also use our summarizer to transform information from long-form articles into concise summaries to be added to their research papers. Furthermore, the tool can prove helpful for researchers in deep and quick research. Additionally, they can utilize our rewording tool to understand complex topics during research.

SEO Executives

SEO Executives have to write short-form meta descriptions for their effectiveness. Our summary generator is a reliable option for SEO professionals to write short-form meta descriptions of their content. They just require summarizing their website content through the tool


Businesses and organizations can utilize this summarize generator tool to condense emails, business documents, customer reviews, feedback, and emails. Furthermore, news organizations can use our tool to write headlines for their news articles. Moreover, they can use our Grammar checker tool to find out and correct all the grammatical or spelling flaws in their writing. Ultimately, their writing looks more professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

To use the summarizer, the first step is to paste or upload your content into the tool. Then, press the “Summarize Now” button to run the tool. The summary generator will process your text and provide the summary around the content’s key points in the output box.

      To summarize your text manually, start by reading it and highlight the central points.

      Reread your content to shortlist all the main points.

      Restate your notes in your unique language.

      At the end, compare the summary with the actual content to ensure that both explain the same meaning.

For accurate and fast summarization, you can use our AI summarizer.

The purpose of summarizing is to enclose all the key points of long-form content into a summary for getting a quick idea about that content.

You should write a summary in your own words and phrases. Keep in mind the original intent of your actual content. You should avoid personal opinions, comments, or experiences in a summary.

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