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The AI Essay Generator is a free online tool that is designed to help you generate high-quality, informative, and unique essays. You can use the essay maker to generate different types of essays with relevant references around any topic.

How to Use Our AI Essay Generator Free?

Below are some easier-to-do steps for generating essays by our essay writer;


Enter your essay topic or main keyword into the input box of the essay maker.


Adjust the “Length” and “Writing Tone” for your essay.


Start the AI essay generator by clicking “Generate Essay”.


Our essay generator free tool will quickly generate a well-structured essay.


Go over the generated essay and “Download” or “Copy” it to the clipboard.

Key Features of Our Essay Generator

Here are the beneficial features provided by the AI essay generator tool.


The essay writing AI tool uses the latest AI and NLP technology to accurately understand the provided essay topic or prompt. This enables our tool to generate essays that are relevant and precise.

Top Grade Essays

Our AI essay writer always generates top-grade essays that are 100% free of plagiarism, simple, and coherent. It can help you “Add References” to the sources of information in the essay.

Fast Essay Generation

The latest technology of the AI essay generator makes it capable of quickly generating simple to complex essays within the blink of an eye. This feature of our essay maker can save a lot of time.

Multiple Essay Types

One prominent feature of the AI essay maker is the option to generate different types of essays. You can select the Inspirational, Technical, or Narrative tone and the tool will generate the essay accordingly.

Adjustable Length

You can adjust the length of your essays with this AI essay generator between short, Medium, and Long. So, you can pick a suitable length for your essays and the tool will create accordingly.

Why to Use Our AI Essay Maker?

You should choose the AI essay generator free tool for the following benefits:

  • Our tool utilizes advanced AI models for generating relevant and precise essays.
  • The fast working of our essay generator AI tool can save you time.
  • All the essays generated by this essay writing AI tool are 100% free of plagiarism, which you can ensure by a plagiarism checker.
  • It is efficient at providing essays around simple to complex prompts.
  • The free AI essay generator is simple to understand for newbie users.
🤖 Advanced AI Technology Accurate & Relevant Essays
⚡ Quick Results Saves Times
🚀 Top-Grade Essays Unique & Clear
💯 Customizable Length Short, Medium, & Long
💢 Free to Use Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our AI essay generator is an AI tool that is designed to automatically write essays of different types and lengths.

The essay writing AI tool can generate a well-structured essay on any topic within a matter of seconds.

The essay maker is useful to improve the quality essay writing process of students. Furthermore, students can learn different types of essays and do research with the help of the essay writer.

Yes, our essay writing AI tool is completely free. You can use it without any limitations.


It mainly depends upon the particular academic guidelines of your institute, or teacher. However, using an AI tool for the sake of learning and improving essay writing is not cheating.

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