What is the AI Story Generator?

AI story generator is an online tool specifically designed to create unique and coherent stories for a given topic. Our story maker uses advanced artificial intelligence and language processing to generate different types of stories, in a few seconds.

How to Use the Free AI Story Maker?

To use our AI Story generator follow these steps


Provide a prompt in the input box of our free story maker


Adjust the settings such as creativity level, story type, and length


Generate a story by pressing the “Generate” button


Review the story and “Download” or “Copy” from the output box

Features of Our AI Story Generator Free Tool

Below are the most important features provided by our AI Story writer

Relevant Stories

Our free story writer tool is supported with advanced AI technology that makes it capable of always generating accurate and relevant stories

Original Stories

The story maker uses natural language processing to write 100% unique and original stories. To make sure, you can use our tool’s generated stories by a plagiarism checker

Different Types of Stories

Our free story AI generator tool provides a unique feature for writing different types of stories. It can write Original, Humor, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, and Realism stories

Customizable Length

This AI story maker offers a feature to customize the length of their stories. You can personalize the length of your stories with three options that are Short, Medium, and Long

Set Creativity Levels

Another unique feature of our AI story writer is the option to set creativity levels for stories. You can set different creativity levels including; Conservative, Inspired, Innovative, Imaginative, and Visionary

Multiple Outputs

The free AI story generator tool is capable of writing multiple stories with different characters, plots, and a theme, for a single prompt. To apply this feature, you just need to click the “Generate Again” button and the tool will come with a different story

Generates Top Notch Stories

Our story maker AI tool generates stories of higher quality. All the stories generated by the tool are clear, simple, and engaging to read

Benefits of Using the AI Story Generator Free Tool

Multiple traits of our free story AI generator make it worth using

  • Our free AI story generator has a simple interface which you can navigate easily
  • It can help you enhance creativity and overcome writer’s block.
  • The free AI story maker is proficient in writing stories of customized length and creativity.
  • You will always get relevant and compelling stories.
  • Our AI story writer is not limited to writing single kinds of stories, but you can run it to generate multiple types of stories.
  • It is a free-to-use story generator AI tool

Frequently Asked Questions

The AI Story Generator is a free-to-use AI tool that works to create high-quality stories. You can generate an unlimited number of stories with the AI story maker free of cost.

Yes, you can sell AI-written stories after making sure they are free of plagiarism.

Many reasons make the AI Story Generator worth using such as; its accuracy, advanced technology, fast working, and unique outputs.

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