How to Reword My Sentence to Avoid Duplication?

How to Reword My Sentence to Avoid Duplication?

Rewording is a key process for writers, and it can save them from many issues. One of the key issues that rewording can solve is plagiarism or duplication. It doesn’t only help remove it but is also the key to ensuring each piece of text you write is original.

Now, duplicity is a problem for both students and pro writers. One study suggests around 64% of high school students admitted that they plagiarized/duplicated text. On the other hand, one study says Google penalizes websites with more than 10% duplicate content.

So, the bottom line is, that duplicate content is harmful to both students and pro writers. That’s why rewording is important to prevent such problems. So, let’s show you how to reword sentences and avoid duplication.

What Is Sentence Rewording? Basics of The Process

Sentence rewording is the process in which the writer replaces specific words with synonyms. This allows the sentence to appear original as original terms, and phrases are replaced by alternative words. The rewording process should be immaculate and well-thought-out.

Because using the wrong words can not only alter the meaning of the original sentence but also ruin the flow. That’s why, it’s important to reword sentences effectively by:

  •          Replacing words with similar synonyms.
  •          Altering the content without the context.
  •          And rearranging the sentence to change the content voice.

This can help a writer reword their content quite effectively while also ensuring they do not compromise the quality of their text. Besides that, this is one of the leading ways students and writers reword their content manually.

Why Is Avoiding Duplication Important?

Avoiding duplication is important because it can improve the image of the student or writer. One of the major drawbacks of duplication in either academic or professional life is ruined image, penalties, and how it can cause long-term effects.

That’s why, to stay professional, influence credibility, and portray professionalism, removing or avoiding duplication from content is necessary.

What Will You Need? Tools & Techniques

You are simply going to need to know how to reword content manually and to scan to see if the content has plagiarism. Now, you can also use programs like to reword content efficiently. So, you’re going to need:

  •          Tool to scan content for plagiarism.
  •           Proper rewording techniques.
  •          or a rewording tool.

This is what you will need to rewrite content efficiently and remove plagiarism from your text by rewording it.

3 Steps To Reword Sentences/Text To Avoid Duplication

Now let’s talk about rewording without further delay. Here are the key steps you need to take to reword sentences or text to avoid duplication.

1: Reword Plagiarized Text

Duplication happens when you read something, and then write it word-for-word, right? Not necessarily, as not trying to present an idea differently can also count as duplication or plagiarism. That’s why, thoroughly rewording each sentence is important. Let’s say I wish to rewrite this sentence:

Good-quality content can be a very difficult goal for SEO writers.”

Now, if I reword it like this:

Top-quality content is quite a difficult objective for many SEO writers.”

Do you see the problem? That’s not different enough, instead, I should have done something like:

One of the many challenges SEO writers tackle is writing high-quality content, as it’s their premier goal.”

In other words, embellishment or adding your own spice and touch is key to avoiding plagiarism. But, what if I were to write something more extensive? I cannot go write each sentence, so I can seek help from a tool like

reword sentence

As you can see, this delivers the idea that I presented earlier in a much more efficient and easier way. Using a tool can help you reword sentences in content with a higher word count. And since can reword around 1000 words at a time, you can reword as much as you like.

2: Reword To Match the Tone of the Rest of the Content

Now one of the major problems that a lot of content writers face when writing or rewording sentences is how it can stand out. Like, you could spot the reworded sentence or phrase from a mile, and it just feels like it doesn’t belong.

So, let’s say we were writing something professional, but our reworded sentence took a casual turn. So, we can fix that with a tool like again:

reword sentence 2

By switching from basic settings to professional, I can reword my sentences into a more professional tone:

reword sentence 3

Or if I were a student, I could make it a bit more formal like this:

reword sentence 4

The point is to reword content the way it would fit with other text. You don’t want your reworded content to appear out of place. While that will avoid plagiarism, it would ruin the general flow and tone of your text.

That’s why, it’s important to reword content in a way that blends in with the rest of your text. And using a tool like demonstrated above is one of the easiest ways to do it.

3: Scan Reworded Content

Now that you have rewritten the text, the next step is to confirm that you have successfully avoided duplicity. And the only way to do that is by using a dependable plagiarism checker. This will allow you to find out the duplicity in the first place.

So, here was our content before we used the rewording tool:

reword sentence 5

And here’s our content after we used the rewording tool:

reword sentence 6

You can see that the percentage has flipped, and the original content is now 100%, so we can go ahead and use it on our website or blog. So, whether you use a tool or reword manually, always make sure that you check for duplicity like this before passing your content on.


These are some of the best ways you can reword your sentences to avoid duplication. Make sure you grasp the key ideas and then write in your own words; it will help you avoid a lot of hassle. But, if you do end up finding plagiarism in your content, you can use a rewording tool like I showed you and get rid of duplicate content easily.

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