Why Writers Need an AI Reworder?

Why Writers Need an AI Reworder?

An AI reworder is a tool that rewords and paraphrases content based on advanced AI technologies. When a tool like this paraphrases or rewords the content, it changes words, alters sentence structures, and makes other similar modifications to render the output clear and unique.

There are many different purposes for which people can use AI reworders. Among others, professional writers can use them for a lot of different reasons. These tools can make various processes easier for writers.

If you are a writer yourself and you want to find out why writers need an AI reworder, go on and read this post.

Understanding the working mechanism of AI reworders

Before we move on to that, however, we do think it is necessary for us to explain the concept of AI reworders a bit more.

Rewording is basically a synonym for paraphrasing and rephrasing. The process of rewording is defined as:


Altering content and conveying it using different words, all the while making it have the same meaning as its original version.


This process can either be done by a person, i.e., a writer themselves, or it can be done by a rewording tool. (Our whole post is about the need for rewording tools for writers.)

So, joining the dots, we can say that the tools that automate the process of rewording and perform it the same way a human would are called rewording tools.

To give you an example of rewording, here is the working of one of these tools in action:




That is actually our own tool. You can give it a try by clicking here.

Now let’s talk about what need writers can have for these tools.

Why Writers Need an AI Reworder?

1.      To improve the clarity of their text

One of the main functions of rewording (either manually or with a tool) is to improve the clarity of the text. In other words, to make the text clearer.

If the text you write comes out a little complicated and muddled the first time you write it, you can do some rewording (especially the complicated parts) to make it better. That way, it can be understood clearly by the readers and serve its purpose well.

While writers can do this on their own as well (rewording their text to make it clearer), it can take up a lot of time and effort. An AI reworder, on the other hand, doesn’t require half as much of any of those.

This is the first reason that writers can need an AI reworder. The “AI” element in this is especially important since normal tools can’t make as many impressive changes as their AI counterparts.

These tools can improve clarity by replacing overly difficult and arcane words with their easier synonyms and by wording the sentences in a simpler way. Here is an example:




The input that we gave to the tool was:


There was a car with a metallic body standing on the road made up of hard asphalt in a backdrop of a sky that had clouds in it.


As you can see, the formation of the sentence is terrible. It does not utilize adverbs and adjectives properly, and the overall readability is just low.

On the other hand, the output provided by the tool is:


A metal-bodied car stood on a road made of hard asphalt against a cloudy sky.


The reworded version looks far clearer and easier to understand. It also happens to be shorter and more concise than the input.

2.      To remove repetition and redundancy from the content

Redundancy and repetition are, in this particular context, the one and the same thing. They refer to the instance in which the same word is – for lack of a more diverse vocabulary – used over and over again in the text.

This type of repetition can spoil the quality of the text and make it look amateurish. Using an AI reworder is one of the ways in which this issue can be addressed.

Basically, these tools make a specific type of changes to the text, one of the main ones of which is synonymizing. Synonymizing refers to the replacement of the existing words with their synonyms…as the name indicates.

When a piece of text is automatically synonymized by an automated tool, the redundant and repeated words in there are likewise replaced. Here is a screenshot showing this in action:




3.      To fix accidental plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism is the type of plagiarism that occurs when someone writes a sentence or a passage in the same way as it already exists online. Accidental plagiarism is unintentional, and it happens due to coincidence rather than malicious intent on the perpetrator’s behalf.

Writers usually find this type of plagiarism in their content when they run the plagiarism check as part of their post-writing routine.

When this type of plagiarism comes up, there are different things that writers do to resolve it. They either remove the specific part in toto or they reword it.

In a nutshell, writers need an AI reworder when they have to change their content to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism occurs when the words in the content exactly match existing content on the Internet. When the words change, the plagiarism doesn’t remain since the wording no longer matches. To change words, rewording tools are the way to go.

Why is Rewordingtool.io an excellent choice for writers who need AI reworder?

We’ve talked about the different reasons that writers can need an AI reworder. For all the purposes mentioned above, Rewordingtool.io can be a good choice to use. That’s the tool we offer.

Here are some of the factors that make it an excellent pick:

  • It has a smart, AI-driven performance thanks to the algorithms and models it utilizes
  • It is free to use and does not require any sort of signup or registration
  • It has a lot of excellent features – such as the provision of multiple modes and user-friendly options like uploading files, etc.

We’ve demonstrated the performance of this tool in the examples above, too. You can see how well it works there.

Final Thoughts

Writers need AI reworders for different purposes. These tools can be helpful when it comes to improving the clarity of the text, making it unique, and making it less repetitive in terms of words and phrases.

If you are looking to use such an online tool for yourself, you can try out Rewordingtool.io.

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