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Essay Writer is an online free-to-use essay maker that generates captivating, clear, and plagiarism-free essays. It uses artificial intelligence to write every type of essay within no time automatically

The essay maker is a useful tool for writers, students, and other users to write informative essays

How to Use Our AI Essay Writer Free?

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to generate essays from our essay writer


Provide the topic of the essay to the AI essay generator


Fix the tool's settings including essay type, academic level, and word count


Now run the essay writer by clicking the “Generate Essay” button


After that our free essay AI essay writer will immediately generate a well in a few seconds


In the end, you can “Download” or copy the AI tool’s generated essay

Main Features of Our AI Essay Writer

There are many useful features offered by our AI essay writer. In the following, we listed some main and advanced features of the tool.

Advanced Technology

Our free AI essay generator uses advanced AI models. The tool utilizes NLP to understand the provided topic or prompt and then ML writes essays online that are relevant to the prompts

High-Quality Essays

The free essay writer generates essays of top-notch quality. All the essays written by our tool are plagiarism-free, easy to read, and coherent. Also, the essay writer perfectly sets the Academic Tone throughout the essays

Instant Essay Generation

The advanced algorithms of our essay generator make it capable of writing simple to complex essays within no time. This feature is useful to save the time of users which will ultimately increase their productivity

Different Essay Types

The feature that makes our AI essay writer a dynamic tool for users is its ability to write different types of essays. For this, the tool provides a list of essay types from which you can choose one that is relevant to your requirements

Words Count

Users can adjust the length of their essays with our tool. For this, the essay writer provides an option named “ How many words?”. There you can pick a suitable word count limit for your essays. The tool will generate essays exactly according to the fixed length

Why Should You Use Our Essay Writer AI Tool?

Below are some helpful benefits of our AI essay writer that users will get while using our essay generator

  • It uses advanced AI systems to generate accurate and relevant essays.
  • The tool saves precious time for users by writing essays super-fastly.
  • The essay writer generates 100% unique essays. To ensure the uniqueness of essays, you can use a plagiarism checker.
  • You can write simple to complex types of essays.
  • With our free AI essay writer, you can generate essays of customized length
  • It is a free-to-use tool. Additionally, you will not have to do any signup, subscription, or registration.
🤖 AI Technology Accurate Essays
⚡ Fast Results Saves Times
🚀 High-Quality Essay Unique And Easily Readable
💯 Length Flexibility List for Word Count
📝 Essay Types For Students, Marketers, & Writers
💢 Free to Use Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

An essay generator is important to speed up the quality essay writing process of students. Additionally, the tool is helpful for them to learn multiple essay types and styles

Yes, you can use AI to write an essay. For this, you first need to access a suitable essay generator that could fulfil your requirements. After that, you should provide the topic, adjust settings, and run the tool and you will get a quality essay within a few seconds.

Yes, our essay writer is a free-to-use tool that comes up without any limitation or subscription plan. So, anyone can generate an unlimited number of essays with our tool without paying a single penny.

The answer to this common question mainly depends upon the guidelines of your institute, tutor or academic policy. However, for all, using AI tools for the sake of learning better essay writing skills is not cheating.

AI essay writer tools are supported by advanced AI algorithms that can analyze vast amounts of data and generate relevant as well as well-structured essays. These tools use NLP and ML to understand the context of given requirements and prompts.

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